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The Atrium Collective

Is a collection of brands in Kitsilano; The Attic Hair Studio and The Undercroft Barbershop. The goal of this project was to rebrand the sub-brands under the overarching Atrium Collective. Although clients would have unique experiences at both The Attic and The Undercroft, the brands have the same roots and morals, and thus have similar undertones.

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The Concept

The concept behind the brand was all about community. Our aim was to create a welcoming home for our clients, no matter who they are, to reinforce the concept of generating community. But also to reflect being a proud member of global communities. We are allies to and stand with the LGBTQ+ community, and we get involved when environmental disasters strike. We draw on the idea of home by pulling in tranquil gender-neutral colour schemes and pair that with our humble, friendly, and accepting tone of voice.

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Client: Atrium Collective
Year: 2020
Output: Brand strategy document,
brand guidelines, & a rebranding package.